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Introduction to Sailing starting 7th May

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Introduction to Sailing starting 7th May

4 night course introductory session spread over 4 Tuesday night Sessions from 7:00 until 9.30. Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill and excitement of sailing?
Cutting across the beautiful lake in Cullaun using only the power of the wind is an amazing feeling, bringing you close to nature. Perhaps you wanted to try your hand at sailing but never taken up the opportunity? Many people believe that sailing is the preserve of the wealthy and fortunate.
However, now you can discover that this is no longer the case and with access to our club boats and in the safe hands of our Instructors who will, quite literally, show you the ropes and help you to learn about sailing at a pace you feel comfortable with.

At Cullaun Sailing Club we have these great sail training boats that we use for our classes and these are available to our members after the instruction classes are over.
Our aim is to help you enjoy the experience of sailing in a fun and safe environment. It is a great way to meet new people and make lifelong friends.

4 night course introductory session spread over 4 Tuesday nights Sessions from 7:00 until 9.30



What to Wear

Sailing clothing needs to keep you warm. Keeping dry is less important. Although if you continue to sail you will want to buy purpose designed sailing clothing this can be expensive and is not necessary to begin with.


If you have or can borrow a 3mm or 4 mm sailing/surfing wetsuit then it is sensible to wear it. (Diving wetsuits are too thick and restrict movement too much.). Wear a thermal or synthetic material long sleve shirt underneath if possible ; cotton t shirts are very cold when wet. If you dont have a wetsuit then it would be ideal to have a change of clothes that you wont mind getting wet.


A hat is essential. Preferably a woolly hat. You can lose a lot of body heat through your head.

Upper body

Wear lots of layers. Thermal vest if you have one, shirt, sweatshirt, pullover. Increasing the number of layers keeps you warm and allows you to move around. Bulky clothing restricts mobility and should be avoided.

Lower body

Warm trousers e.g. cords, track suit bottoms are preferable to jeans.


Old trainers with socks or thermal socks. Your feet will get wet. Please do not wearWellingtons or hard sole shoes.Wellingtons fill up and hard shoes can damage the boats. Dinghy boots or wetboots are the next step up.


If you need to wear glasses whilst sailing we strongly advise that you use a length of cord, possibly elastic , to keep them on and/or secure them to your clothing. They can very easily get knocked off and lost overboard

Bouyancy Aids

The club will supply you with a buoyancy aid which must be worn at all times on the water.


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